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What Is a Filterball? Do They Actually Work?

If you’re preparing to close your pool for the season and are contemplating a change to your filter, you may have heard of the Filterball, a little contraption designed to replace conventional filters. They skyrocketed in popularity in the world of commercial water and pool filtration. If you’re looking for a new option, read on to learn about Filterballs, how they work, and how pool owners can get in on the trend.

Why Filterballs

Made from polyethylene, these balls serve as a radical departure in filters, replacing traditional filter media such as sand. They come in a variety of versions, perfect for whatever your filtration needs are. The environmentally minded pool owner will love that they are 100% recyclable and chemical resistant.

Filterballs have a longer lifespan and hold more contaminants than other filter types. They cause less strain on pumps, reducing noise pollution in your relaxing environment. A pound of Filterballs replaces more than 75 pounds of sand, so say goodbye to that sore back and wasted storage space.

You clean them the same way you clean pool sand, so you won’t face a difficult learning curve, and cleanup can be done faster and less often. Forgot to do a backwash? With Filterballs, you won’t come out to find hazy water that an unchanged sand filter cause.

How They Work

Filterballs work similarly to sand, but install in a fraction of the time. They form a flatbed in the filter tank; however, their surface is non-abrasive. This allows the water to slide past them while leaving contaminants behind.

This increases flow rate, cutting cleaning times. At the end of their lifespans, place the old Filterballs in the recycle bin and add a new batch to your filter.

Be sure to follow the instructions to ensure adequate pump run time. If you don’t, your water could become hazy. Don’t grab those water-clarifying chemicals. Just toss a few more Filterballs in your skimmer basket and your water will be clear by the next day.

Who Uses Them

Leading aquariums across the world, including Chicago’s John G. Shedd Aquarium, Sea World, and the North Carolina Aquarium, trust their most sensitive exhibits to Filterballs. Hotels and resorts have made the switch, and most pool services now recommend them as a cleaner, easier alternative.

Industrial companies and public water works rely on Filterballs to clean their water. Even oil, gas, and mining companies use them.

Where to Buy

Find Filterballs in pool stores or from online vendors today. Refer to the manufacturer for recommended types and unique installation requirements for your pool.

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