Have Ambassador Pools professionally open your pool this year

Pool Closings

We at Ambassador Pools want the thank you for choosing us and hope you and your family have enjoyed your Kayak pool.  As the season draws to an end some customers don’t have the time to winterize their pools. With that said we offer a winterizing service where we come out , close your pool properly for easy opening next spring.

The service techs disassemble the filter and it’s components, you are given a few small pieces to remain inside for the winter. Treat the water, chemicals included, cover the pool. All of the work is done to factory specs keeping the warranty in place.

Some customers enjoy watching as a learning tool for future years. We are scheduling now for September and October. The cost of this service including the chemicals is $375.00 , same as a pool opening. All you need to do is make sure the winter cover and water weights are available and we do the rest.

IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: Pools Must be closed clean so that they are opened clean so please make sure your pool is reasonably clean and clear. If it is not a separate charge for cleaning in the amount of 125$ will be required to make sure your pool is ready to go for next season. 

As soon as payment is received an Ambassador Pools service tech will reach out and schedule a tentative date and time, weather permitting. We’ve worked very hard this year to hire enough people to make sure the job will get done in a timely fashion. If you have any questions or concerns you can always put in a service ticket at ambassadorpools.com/service.


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