Have Ambassador Pools professionally open your pool this year

Top Channel

After decades of selling and installing pools, Ambassador Pools settled on Kayak’s engineering.  The kayak pool is #1 in structural integrity, maintenance ease, and filtration methods. The average pool model may seem like an economical option but often times can cost thousands of dollars to maintain and often falls short in practical use. 

Top and bottom rails are typically flimsy and do very little to support the walls of your standard above ground pools.  One of the heaviest and most impressive pieces of the kayak pool is its bottom frame and top tracks.

  • Ours is composed of a singlestretch of extruded aluminum that runs around the top and bottom of the entire pool and bonds into the deck, walls and wall studs.
  • Its interlock feature is a one-piece structure, getting rid of the possibility of detachment due to water pressure and separation.

This design includes a liner track system to do away with the need for over-the-wall liners, making the installation safer and making the overall life of the liner longer.

Underneath the deck is a camber system that allows the walls of the pool to naturally expand and contract with the freezing of the water in the winter. Its the same idea as suspension bridge engineering – with spring metal construction that acts like a shock absorber. No ugly buttresses that jut out and nothing to trip over.