Have Ambassador Pools professionally open your pool this year

Kayak Pool Foundation


Kayak Pools are the longest lasting most maintenance free pool products currently on the market.  Built with safety in mind, every component is designed with the highest standard of quality. Every part used goes through a rigorous inspection process to ensure a lifetime of family memories and summer fun.

It’s no secret why kayak pools last longer than any other pool product, it’s all in the materials.

  • All pieces are cut in full length and width sizes – meaning no assembling together, no unnecessary joined edges.
  • We lay down 4.75-inch-wide one piece bottom channels of the heaviest class extruded aluminum .
  • 30-year structural guarantee
  • Our dedication to satisfied customer sets us apart from the competition

The most important part of any new pool is its construction and material quality. When you purchase and install an Ambassador Pool, you know that it has been engineered for your family’s safety.

One of the key components in any pool construction is the sidewall supports.  Ambassador uses four sided aluminum studs made of aircraft grade aluminum every TWO FEET!  Starting to see a theme? That’s because of all the materials you could possibly use to endure a partial winter climate aluminum is the strongest and longest lasting.  It will never rust, deteriorate or compromise, making it easy for us to offer a 30 year structural warranty.