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Basics of Pool Maintenance

Getting your pool installed is only the first step in a long and rewarding journey. To protect your investment, you’ll have to learn the basics of pool maintenance. With a bit of planning and effort, you’ll have a wonderful home accessory you can enjoy for many years to come.

Remember, maintaining proper pool chemistry will require smaller amounts of chemicals, so you use less throughout the year. Here’s a calendar of care for your pool:


Every day you should run your pump for at least 10 to 12 hours. This ensures all the water cycles properly and cleans out unwanted debris. If you live in a particularly hot, arid climate, you may want to check water levels daily, too. It’s often more convenient to add a few gallons occasionally than let your hose run for hours.


At least once a week, vacuum your pool. If your yard has a lot of trees or other debris-producing plants, you may need to vacuum more often. Automatic pool cleaners are more effective the longer you let them run, so schedule accordingly.

Twice each week, skim the top of your pool and empty your baskets. If you have a lot of debris or bugs, you may have to do this more often. If stuff builds up around the intake ports, you’ll be putting more strain on your pumps.

Use chemicals once or twice a week. Perform a three-way chemical check every three days or so and adjust accordingly. This will keep your pool ready for use. You should shock the water once a week and after any time a lot of people swim – like a pool party.


Every month, inspect all your pool components for damage or leaks. Make sure your filter is running properly and maintaining the correct pressure. Catching these problems early can make your repairs a lot cheaper.


Every year, you should have your pool checked and maintained professionally. Experts can often spot small problems before they become big problems, saving you money and keeping your family happier and healthier.

When you need help with pool maintenance questions, call one of the team at Ambassador Pools. We want you to know the tools you need to take care of your investment today, tomorrow, and in years to come.

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