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We’re in Awe of These Pool Foliage Trends

If you’re bummed about closing your pool down for the season, it’s never too late to begin planning for next year! Some of the best trends in pool landscaping are within your reach. Adding cool hibiscus arrangements, creating a tropical feel, or framing your pool fence with creeping ivy or flowers are all are sure to give your pool a fresh new look.

Brighten Your Pool with Color

Adding lush, colorful plants will make your pool stand out. Be sure to research whatever plants you are considering adding with your pool area in mind. Try some full-sun perennial flowers that will return year after year. Plant some hibiscus, proteas, or a giant bird of paradise to give your pool a tropical feel while adding some bright colors. Kangaroo paw, a popular perennial hybrid, comes in a variety of striking colors and can fill out a large open area. For a rich color that lasts through fall, consider adding geraniums like the Martha Washington variants. Some varieties of Hebe, also known as Veronica, have a flowering season that lasts until the first frost. Be sure to deadhead the plants to keep them blooming.

Create a Sense of Privacy

To give your pool a closed-off, private feel, consider adding some bamboo, palm trees, or hedges to create a natural enclosure. Banana trees are fast-growing tropical plants with long, broad leaves that go well against a wall or fence and can add some extra shade. If you want to add an exotic feel to your trees, the Angel’s Trumpet provides a stunning look and a pleasant scent. Jade, a popular houseplant, is a trouble-free plant that adds variety to your landscaping. Be mindful of their need for water, like all succulents. Schefflera (Octopus Tree) is a great combination with hibiscus and other tropical flowers; it is an Australian plant common to Florida and California that does extremely well near pools.

Add Texture

Mix your plants to create a textured look that fills the spaces around your pool. Plant ornamental grasses along pool sides for a nice blend of easy-to-maintain coverage. Add some Egyptian Papyrus (in the right locations), mixed with Horsetail, to add an exotic feel that fills the space between ground plants and trees. Succulents provide an attractive, drought-resistant display for planters or ground cover. You can mix them in with ornamental grasses. Sweet Potato Vines gives you a hardy, fast-growing, easy-to-maintain plant that covers walls or trellises and mixes with other ground plants.

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