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New Pool Owners! Have You Created Your Poolside Rules?

Basic pool rules make swimming safe and enjoyable for everyone. Reduce the risk of an accident or injury with commonsense rules that make sense for both children and adults. Lay out the groundwork now to avoid future incidents.

Start Right

If you own the home, here are some of the responsibilities that fall to you.

  • Keep your pool clean. Make sure the chemical levels are balanced to avoid earaches, rashes and other skin irritation. Your pool water needs to be crystal clear and not just because that looks the best. If it’s murky, you can’t see a swimmer who’s struggling. If your pool water is off, don’t let anyone get in.
  • Put up a fence. Even if you don’t have pets or small children, make sure no one can get to your pool unless a responsible adult is watching.
  • Plan ahead for emergencies. Take a water safety, first aid, and CPR course from the Red Cross. Have flotation devices accessible in case of an emergency.
  • Make sure you don’t just establish rules, but that you also enforce the rules. Pool safety is serious business, and nothing ruins summer fun like an injury.

Rule the Pool

Here are some rules you can communicate to your family. Consider posting them on a whiteboard outside. Make sure any time someone new visits that they know the rules.

Practice with your children until they can explain the rules to someone else and have them educate their friends. Not only will it teach newcomers how to swim safely, teaching the rules to others will reinforce them with your family members and make them responsible for helping enforce rules like these.

  • No unsupervised swimming for children under 12.
  • Walk, don’t run, around the pool. Running increases risks of slipping on wet concrete.
  • Never dive unless you have permission, and then only do it in the deep end.
  • Swim with a buddy, no matter what the age.
  • Stay away from drain covers.
  • Be courteous. If someone is swimming laps, stay out of their way. If they ask you to stop splashing, honor their wishes.

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