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Pool Landscaping That Wows

Your swimming pool is an architectural feature, so why not treat it as one? The shape and texture of your pool provide beautiful opportunities for landscaping. If you’re ready to create some zing with your curb appeal, look no further.

Go Tropical

Pools and hot weather are meant to be together. Naturally, we associate tropical plants with the sun and water. If your climate supports it, add some palm trees, banana plants, hibiscus, or other tropical plants. There are lots of colorful options to choose from, so you can pick your favorite shades while turning your yard into a miniature paradise. Check out this lush example, where the lines of the pool fade away into a beautiful jungle expanse.

Ponds and Pools

Natural ponds and swimming pools can look really beautiful together. Blurring the lines between man and nature is an unusual aesthetic, so your pool will stand out among the neighborhood’s more similar options. With this landscaping, you rely on plants like lily pads and cattails for the wild pond feel. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can throw in some koi fish, too!

Pool to Pond

If you like the idea of having your pool and pond next to each other, why not take it a step further and turn your pool into a pond? In this breathtaking example, you can see how the landscaping surrounds the pool with rocks and lots of water plants. With recessed pools, like the ones we install, you can get a similar effect without having to dig up your whole yard.

Clean Geometry

If you’re a fan of the minimalistic approach, you can still enjoy beautiful landscaping. As you can see in this example, the homeowner has mapped out perfect rectangles of grass to add a touch of nature without losing the ultra-clean lines.

Are you excited about what you can do with your pool’s aesthetics? Talk to Ambassador Pools to get started – and think about all the options you have for the area.

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