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Five Ways to Enjoy Your Pool Through Fall

September is bringing an unexpected heat wave through much of the country. If you were contemplating shutting down your pool for the season, don’t do it just yet! Perhaps a harvest-themed party with bonfire s’mores or a Halloween-themed event complete with floating jack-o-lanterns and a costume contest can give your pool new life as the seasons change. Enjoy the weather a little longer with these party ideas.

Vintage Surfing Bash

Are you a fan of oldies music? Do you love decorating and dressing like you live in the 1950s? If so, why not throw a vintage style party? Go for a beach theme and blast Beach Boys music. Grab some Hawaiian shirts, toss some pork on the grill (or an open fire pit for real authenticity), and have a luau.

Halloween Spooktacular

Set up spider webs, hang bats from the trees, and throw a spooky bash in your pool. Carve some pineapples for a tropical touch. If you want cold drinks, hollow out a gourd, set some drinks inside, and pour ice in around the beverages. Try a theme like mermaids or pirates. Give a prize to the best costume or swimsuit of the night.

Back to the 1980s

Find a few old MTV videos on YouTube, set up some neon lights, and invite your friends for a pool party trip back in time. Have guests come dressed as their favorite singer or movie character. Set old VHS tapes, VCRs, and records for decorations. Have a friend with a retro-gaming kit? Ask to borrow it. If you can’t set up a TV outside, set up a playlist of the best ’80s’ jams on your music player and crank it up!

Secret Agent

If something more serious is more your style, try throwing a James Bond pool party. Buy and distribute water pistols and sunglasses, set poker chips and cards on your table, and use martini glasses to serve all your beverages. Make some decorations that are movie themed, like diamonds or gadgets, and don’t forget those memorable soundtracks, the perfect sounds for your high-society party!

Country Picnic

For something a bit laid back, invite your friends over for a relaxing country picnic pool party. Prepare a few quilts and offer picnic-style sandwiches and snacks in baskets. Garden flowers make the perfect decorations, set in old cans or jars for added effect. Don’t forget music! Tune to something relaxing or find some folk music to set the right mood for your posh picnic bash.

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