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Pool Setups We Love

Summer is only a month away, which means it’s time to get inspired by pool setups around the country! There are a lot of beautiful trends showing up this year, so we collected some of our favorites. Here are the ones you shouldn’t miss.

Modern Simplicity

There’s something about clean lines and minimalistic decor that makes a home seem very modern and open. Without distractions, it’s easier to focus on the details of architecture and yard. Many people are opting for pools without big concrete pads or elaborate designs in favor of simplicity and perfection, like this example.

Mixed Materials

Different textures can complement each other and bring some dimension to your pool. Mixing warm materials like wood and brick with cool stone or concrete is undeniably gorgeous. The combination of colors and surfaces will help your pool turn heads.

Full Patios

Most people have some bricks or concrete surrounding their pool. Why not extend this pad even further? People are turning big sections of their lawns into miniature courtyards. You can add other accents too, including fireplaces or fountains. Remember, the more patio you have, the less grass you have to mow.

Decking Out

Similar to the patio trend, extra-large and elaborate decks are going up all across the country. Stacking levels of space is perfect if you have a small yard and need to make the most of your property vertically.

Natural Stone

As you can tell, texture is big this year. Natural stone accents add a lot of dimensions but have amazing durability. In this example, you can see how using the same stone for the pillars and patio ties everything together while enhancing the natural variations in the slate.

There are some great trends out there, but the truth is that your imagination sets the limit. Need help envisioning your plans? Call Ambassador Pools now.

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