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Eight Simple Pool Maintenance Tips

Pool maintenance can be a major chore. With the right approach, however, maintaining your pool can become second nature. Read on for some super simple pool maintenance tips that don’t seem like work, including using Aquapills and Slimebags, and investing in a chemical feeder.

Drain With a Manual Vacuum

If your water keeps getting cloudy, get yourself a manual vacuum and place it upside down in the pool’s middle. Use it as a main drain to get the same cleaning power that inground pools are built with.

Pantyhose Covers Everything

Need a quick fix for debris clogging your filters or catching finer particles? Grab some old pantyhose and stretch them across the skimmer basket. Do the same with your skimmer net. Once your pantyhose cover gets full of debris, throw them out and replace with another pair.

Power Up Your Sand Filter

Fine particles present difficulties for most sand filters, slowing down the removal of cloudy water. Give your filter the boost it needs with a cup of DE Powder.

Recycle your Tennis Balls

Swimmers leave a lot of oils behind, both natural and artificial. Toss a few tennis balls in and leave them to float around to absorb unwanted oils. You can also place them in your skimmer basket. This also works for hot tub.

Repurpose Your Leaf Blower

If you don’t use a net on top of your pool cover to quickly remove debris, grab your leaf blower to quickly do the same thing. Just be careful not to drop it in the water!

Clean and Balance!

Clean out tile grout with a mix of baking soda and water. Toss some in to your water to balance pH and increase alkalinity. If you’re looking for the ultimate “set it and forget it” option, try the 3-inch Super Multi-Tabs, a perfect fit for most floaters and feeders. A favorite of commercial pools, these tabs do amazing things for your home pool. Plus, you save money on buying extra doses throughout the year.

Seasonal Pills

How does year-round ailment protection for your water sound? Aquapill offers several options to keep your pool clean. These time-released balls serve up a concoction of chemicals, enzymes, and more to stop any contaminants in their tracks. Pick the right season, puncture the surface per the instructions, and toss it in the skimmer.

Slime Your Problems

Why use one filter when you can have two? The SlimeBag attaches to the return fitting in minutes and filters out particulates your sand lets through, even down to one micron.

Follow these tips and provide your pool with optimal care without breaking a sweat. The peace of mind you’ll gain from knowing your pool is secure and maintained will be well worth the effort.

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