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Create the Perfect Staycation With These Pool Additions

We often feel the best vacations are the ones that are truly relaxing. Why wouldn’t we give ourselves the gift of relaxation in our own backyards? Elevate your pool to paradise with these backyard additions that range from simple (building a wood pallet bar) to the extreme (adding a cascading waterfall feature).

If you’re looking to plan the perfect staycation, start with these pool additions.

Gather Around the Fire Pit

Adaptable to any space, fire pits add a homey element that everyone can enjoy. From bowl-shaped to giant spheres, options abound for you to add a simple cozy aspect to any space. You could even try a tabletop version if you lack space.

Harden Your Landscape

Liven up your landscape by adding hardscape elements. Stone walls, patios, fireplaces, and pathways add an ambiance to your backyard, harkening to professional landscapes you might experience on vacation. Place a feature on the far side of your pool and build a unique way to get to it, adding a destination to reach right behind your house. Work with your land, taking advantage of its individuality. Construct paths around trees or place a stone patio farther from your house in an open spot surrounded by foliage. Install a fountain in a garden. If you have a sloped yard, consider adding a tiered pool with a stone wall over which water can flow, adding a pleasant sound to your landscape.

Eat Outdoors

Adding a dining area to your outdoor area provides a reusable feature guaranteed to make you feel like you’re in another place. Build a fireplace on one side with a sitting area, add a bar near your grill, and construct a pergola overhead to create a space you want to go to. Be sure to add comfortable seating and unique lighting arrangements to enjoy into the late hours.

Don’t Forget the Kids

Kids love backyards. Adding a few play structures can transform their favorite space into something special. Build a treehouse or a jungle gym to give them a destination all their own. Add a swing set or seesaw to give them a chance to “fly” through the air. If you’re adding a pool, be sure to include a safe space for them to play.

Relax in a Gazebo

Build some charm and whimsy into your garden with a gazebo. This space functions as a reading alcove, a place to relax with your best friend (even furry ones), or a tea room. Lay down a stone path and add vining plants along the sides for that extra touch.

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