Cool Pool Toys Your Family Will Love

When you wear out your pool noodles and diving sticks, there are still plenty of options out there. Summer is nearing an end. Sometimes, the end of the season is the best time to buy summer’s hottest toys. Here are some ideas for every member of your family.

Water Games

Some of the best pool toys are the ones that get you interacting with friends. The Swimline Arcade lets kids shoot water guns at a target. All you need for endless hours of water volleyball is a ball and a net. A floating net or ring made out of a pool noodle provides a goal for water basketball.

Floating Islands

Spend your summer on your own island. Many of the floating islands are so elaborate you have to be near a lake or ocean, but some of them fit in your pool and still leave room to swim. Here are a few of the best:

  • The Intex Canopy Island has plenty of room for two people and costs less than $80. It has a detachable canopy and two drink holders.
  • The Intex Pacific Paradise can fit four people comfortably with a drink holder for each of them. It has a mesh floor, so you can soak your feet in the water without worrying about losing your sunglasses if you drop them.
  • The Tropical Tahiti Inflatable Floating Island fits six people, so you need a pretty big pool, but it has two built-in coolers and six cup holders. There’s a lounging area with back rests and two sofas, so it’s like a living room that floats.

Pool Toys for Little Ones

Toddlers love the water, but they’re not ready for water basketball or long hours on a floating island. Here are some options to keep them engaged.

  • The GeoSafari Jr. Subscope from Educational Insights is like a long telescope for viewing underwater. Young swimmers can use it to see beneath the surface without putting their face in the water.
  • Get little ones accustomed to spray while they sit safely in shallow water. The Yookidoo Submarine Spray Station has a pump that sits below the surface and provides a steady stream of water.

A pool provides a lifetime of fun for your family. Contact the experts at Ambassador Pools today to choose the type of pool that’s right for you.

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