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Choosing the Perfect Fence

Your pool is installed, and you’re ready to jump in and start the season right. Before you open your pool for the season, though, make sure you have complied with safety regulations for your area. Many states require a fence around a pool. A little bit of planning can keep your pool legal and make sure it’s as safe as it is fun.

Fences can vary widely, and whether you are looking to stay within the law or simply want to create a safer pool environment, you have many options for fencing – the perfect one depends on a few factors.

Selecting a Fence

Even if the law doesn’t require you to have a fence around your pool, we recommend it – from wandering children to stray animals, water is a draw, so make sure it’s not easily accessible with your fencing option.

Some of the most popular fencing options include:

  • Ornamental aluminum. This no-frills fence is very popular, because it’s inconspicuous but incredibly durable. Most aluminum fences are powder-coated, so they won’t rust or peel. They may even be mistaken for wrought-iron fences, but they’re much lighter and less expensive. Plus, of course, aluminum requires very little maintenance. The only downside of aluminum fencing is it offers less privacy.
  • These synthetic fences are great if you’re looking for a wide variety of styles. They come in solid and picketed varieties, so you can choose the amount of privacy you want. Many options include decorative touches, too, such as lattice tops. PVC is simple to work with, so custom styles, heights, and colors may be available at no additional charge. A downside of PVC is that it can form mildew in wet and shady areas, and gates may sag over time.
  • The classic wood fence is also the least expensive option – though it can depend on the style of wooden fence you choose. All aspects of wood – from size to style – are easily customizable, too, so you may be able to get something more unusual for your yard. Wood can also be painted or stained whenever you need something fresh. The biggest disadvantages of wood are the higher maintenance requirements and warping over time.

Fences can be a beautiful addition to your pool area’s aesthetic while providing pool safety. Talk to Ambassador Pools about best fencing options for your pool.

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