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Can Dogs Safely Swim in Above-Ground Pools?

Your dog is a part of your family. When you invest in a pool, you want your dog to be able to share in your experience. Some of the best pool pictures and videos involve dogs stealing floats and sliding down slides. Before you let Fido near your new above-ground investment, consider the following:

Provide some training. Most dogs swim instinctively. Children’s first way to manage water is called a doggy paddle because that’s just what dogs do. As soon as your pet is in the water, he or she is going to start to circle the two front paws and kick with the back. Just because they know how to doggy paddle, however, doesn’t mean they can’t hurt themselves or your pool.

The only way dogs can hurt your above-ground pool is to gouge it with their toenails. Teach your pet to stay away from the side. Train him not to rest his paws on the edge. Teach him through repetition how to get out without climbing on the side.

Give your pet a place to rest. Dogs get tired just as people do. Your pet is most likely to reach for the side of the pool when fatigue sets in. If they have to navigate a pool ladder when they are already tired, there’s a greater chance of their paws reaching through the ladder rungs to tear your liner. Buy wedding cake type pool steps so it’s easy to get in and out.

Clean your filter regularly. Dogs have more hair than people. They shed a lot, especially in the summer. Clean out your filter regularly to keep it running efficiently despite extra dog hair.

Keep your dog safe when you’re not with him. Once your pet knows how much fun it is to get in the pool, he’s going to want to do it all the time. Put a fence around your pool so your dog can only get in when you’re there to supervise.

Have a plan in case something goes wrong. If your dog is in trouble, water rescue can be a challenge. Never pull your dog out of the water using his paws. Have a floatation device ready. Remember that a panicked dog might react the same as a panicked human. Approach him or her with caution.

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