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Above Ground or Recessed?

One of the biggest decisions prospective pool owners make is choosing the pool they want to install. In most cases, you can figure out the right match for your family by thinking about your region, budget, and specific needs. Two important options to consider are whether an aboveground pool or a recessed pool is better for your family.

Recessed Pools

One big drawback to in-ground pools is they’re permanent. They take up a lot of your yard space, and it would likely require thousands of dollars to remove it. Recessed pools, on the other hand, strike a happy medium because they sit partially underground, but not all the way. You still get the strength and aesthetics of an in-ground pool without some of the drawbacks.

Recessed pools can stay up year-round, so they’re essentially part of your property. Because of this, they increase your home’s property value. This is especially true if you live somewhere with high temperatures and lots of suns, such as Florida.

A pool can be a beautiful asset for your yard, too. It’s easy to include fountains, waterfalls, and other decorative touches you might not be able to use with an above ground model. Recessed pools usually offer a much bigger variety of options in tile color, shape, and size than an aboveground pool would.

While less costly than completely in-ground options, recessed pools are more expensive than aboveground pools. You still need a bit of professional excavation, planning, and installation. Your return on investment when selling your home, however, usually makes them worth it.

Aboveground Pools

Choosing an aboveground unit is a great way to enjoy the benefits of a pool when you have a smaller budget and less yard space. Your yard will need some prep work for a smooth and level surface, but it’s not at all invasive. Aboveground pools usually don’t have an effect on your homeowner’s insurance, either.

Aboveground pools make more sense in northern climates because you can take them down and store them at the end of the year. Aboveground pools are also generally smaller, so they work well for properties where there is less space.

Whichever kind of pool you want to add to your home, make sure you call the professionals at Ambassador Pools. We’re excited to help you transform your yard.

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