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A Look at the Future of Pools

We may not always know what the future of the industry will bring, but it’s fun to guess. Interesting futuristic trends in pools and cutting-edge technology continually push the bounds of design. Read on to learn about some of the more interesting recreational water features, including rooftop infinity pools and built-in Jacuzzis.

Adaptive Pools

Imagine having a pool that changed its depth for swimmers. One moment, kids splash in a wading pool, the next a pair of adults chase each other underwater. Moving floor technology allows a pool owner to adapt the water levels to a given situation. These features can even raise the floor to match the pool edge, with the water disappearing below to leave extra space for a party.

Transformed Edges

For a very serene atmosphere, consider the vanishing edge pool. These possess great flexibility, connecting multi-level pools or placing Jacuzzis over a main pool. Mix this pool with a Mediterranean style structure or a Japanese Zen garden to create an exotic space. Lights installed under the edge cast different colors along the water, adding variety and ambience.

Technology in Design

Modern technology allows a pool system to run automatically, maximizing efficiency and savings. LEDs provide stunning, multi-colored light while using less power. Mobile features allow control from mobile devices, even when traveling. With a few simple taps on a screen, you can program your pool to amaze your guests or help them relax.

Built in the Air

Cantilevered design frees a pool designer to make use of elevated spaces. Building an elevated pool allows the outdoors to be brought up to your space, creating a seamless environment. This also allows homeowners who might not have had room for a pool before to enjoy a new space.

Float Forever

Acting as an optical illusion, the infinity pool allows designers to trick the eye into seeing something that isn’t there. You could even use this pool to mask unsightly views, like that house on the beach spoiling your view. Lay back and float away your stresses in this deceptively shallow pool.

Water in Motion

From resort-like rain walls to water park lazy rivers, moving water creates a unique ambience by masking sounds from beyond. Modern pool designs use this effect to create spaces that transport a person far away.

Maximized Space

Building a ledge under the water surface provides a welcoming, multi-use space. Sun-bathe alone, let kids play, or sit with friends and chat right in the water. Adding a ledge above the pool provides extra seating or space to lie down. Use the space as a pool-side bar for added variety.

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