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6 Pool Games All Kids Should Know

Pool games keep the fun times rolling all season long. When floats and diving sticks lose their charm, entertain guests and children with these classic games.

You’re It

Get exercise and teach cooperation with this game of water tag. One player is “it” and tries to tag the other swimmers. When they get close, whoever they’re chasing can call out “help me!” If another swimmer grabs their hand, the person chasing can’t be tagged. When someone is tagged, they become the next “it.”


Develop stamina and balance as you see who can float longest. Players stand in a circle at a depth where everyone can touch. Hold hands and begin circling as quickly as they can to create a whirlpool. When someone calls out “Float!” swimmers lift their legs and see who can stay floating the longest. The winner is the last person to touch back down on the bottom of the pool.

Mermaid Races

This one’s simple. Hold your breath and see who can swim the farthest under water.

Invisi-Bottle Diving

Fill a clear water bottle with pool water. If you can, color the cap to match the tile in your pool. Have all players cover their eyes or turn away while you toss the bottle in. When they hear the splash, players dive in to find the hidden bottle.


Choose one swimmer to be “it.” Other players must swim from one side of the pool to the other without getting tagged. If they’re tagged, they join hands with “it.” The group of players has been tagged becomes a long chain, the “octopus” swimmers must pass.

Scavenger Hunt

Gather items that sink to the bottom. Divide swimmers into teams. Scatter items all over the pool and see which team can retrieve the most.

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