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5 Alternative Uses for Pool Noodles

Pool noodles are affordable and have a variety of uses. You can cut, tape and float these multi-colored accessories for endless pool-friendly projects. We’ve compiled some of the best and most innovative DIY pool noodle projects to help you get more out of your summertime pool experience.

  1. Make a floating beverage boat. Keep your drinks cool and accessible on hot summer days. Grab a rectangular plastic container large enough to hold ice and several cans or bottles. Cut a pool noodle just a little shorter than the length of each side. Run a waterproof nylon rope through the hole in the middle of your noodle pieces. Tie it snugly just under the lip of your plastic container. Fill with ice, drinks and enjoy!
  2. Make pool noodle swords. Equip your pool pirates with floating weapons they can’t actually hurt each other with. Find PVC pipe that fits in the hole of your pool noodle and cut it so that it goes the desired length. Leave about four inches of PVC sticking out one end of the noodle to use for a handle. If you want, use craft foam to make a colorful guard.
  3. Use them for stamps. Cut pool noodles into small pieces and provide sidewalk paint. Show kids how to use the paint as stamps to create custom artwork all around your pool. When everyone is done, hose them off and go right back to swimming.
  4. Create floating sculptures. Cut pool noodles of different colors and sizes into pieces. Provide pieces in several different sizes. Encourage participants to use toothpicks or wooden skewers to stick pieces together. Choose a category and make a contest. See who can make the best floating robot, sailboat, mermaid, or sea monster. Give bonus points if their sculpture stays upright when it floats.
  5. Make a pool noodle obstacle course. Use pool noodles and your outdoor furniture to make a course contestants race over, under, and through. Make hoops from pool noodles to jump through and pool noodle hurdles to jump over. Make the pool the finish line.

For fun that lasts all summer long, contact Ambassador Pools today. Our friendly representatives will help you get started on a backyard vacation that lasts for years.

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