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Outlandish Pools Across The World

Pools are often the talking point of a home, so why should resorts and other public places be any different? These destinations take that idea to a new level. Here are some of the wildest pools from around the world. Wouldn’t it be fun to take a dip in these pools?

San Alfonso Del Mar

This is the world’s largest swimming pool. It contains more than 66 million gallons of water and spans an incredible 3,000+ feet. The deep end? 115 feet – straight down. The pool is located at a Chilean resort and cost $1.6 billion to construct. The annual maintenance fee alone is $3.2 million. This pool uses seawater to maintain water levels. The liquid flows in, is desalinated, flows through the pool, and is cleaned again before being dumping back into the ocean.

Golden Nugget Casino

Ever wanted to swim with the sharks but not a fan of the danger? The Golden Nugget Casino gives you a similar thrill, because the pool encompasses a marine life tank. There’s even a central waterslide that runs through the middle of the tank, so you’re completely surrounded by the sea life. The marine tank alone cost almost $30 million.

SkyPark at The Marina Bay Sands

If you’re afraid of heights, this one is definitely not for you. This park in Singapore has a first-class view at 55 stories up. The infinity pool sits right on the edge of three separate towers (which just so happen to make up the most expensive hotel in the world). Water flows over the edge of the pool and falls back into a catchment where it filters back in. If you laid the Eiffel Tower on its side, it would be shorter than the SkyPark pool.

We might not be able to make a sky-high pool or one that holds billions of gallons of water, but, at Ambassador Pools, we’re ready to take on almost all aboveground and recessed pool projects.

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