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3 Epic End-of-Summer Pool Parties

The first long lazy days of summer feel like they’ll last forever. But, before you know it, you’ll be covering your pool to keep out fall leaves and reaching for sweaters instead of swimsuits. Make the most of the last days of summer with these end-of-summer pool party ideas

Vintage Beach Party

Grab your surfboard and crank some Beach Boys to bring the coast to your backyard. Fill an inexpensive plastic child’s pool with play sand and have a sand castle contest. Let guests decorate their own craft foam visors and take them home as party favors.

Use blue paper goods and serve easy finger foods like Goldfish crackers and Sharks and Whales fruit snacks. Use cookie cutters to make sandwiches shaped like sea creatures. Play a game to see which team can keep a beach ball in the air the longest. Older kids can compete to see who can balance on a surfboard in the middle of the pool.

Pool Olympics Party

If your young ones are spending too much time in front of the TV this summer, get them moving by organizing a pool Olympics party. Delegate responsibilities to participants. Have one child organize opening ceremonies and let another gather materials. Organize a series of lawn and pool events. Play water polo, noodle jousting, lawn darts and water ping pong. Have a sprinkler dash. Create prizes for gold, silver, and bronze medalists in each event.

Movie Night Pool Party

As the season winds to a close, it gets dark earlier. Create the feel of a drive-in in your back yard. Put up a sheet, set up your projector, and hold a movie night by the pool. Prepare standard movie food like popcorn, nachos, and soda and munch it in pool floats while you watch. Use the movie you choose to decide the theme for other party decorations and games.

Ambassador Pools can help you find the pool that’s perfect for every type of party. Contact us today to get your pool before summer draws to an end.

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