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Why Get an Above Ground Pool in South Hamilton?

Part of Hamilton in Essex County, Massachusetts, South Hamilton is home to the main campus of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, which is an interdenominational evangelical seminary. It’s known as the site of General Patton’s summer home, too.

As summer approaches in South Hamilton, many residents yearn to cool down by taking a swim. But since not everyone can visit the sea everyday, the next best option is to get a pool. Given the prohibitive costs of inground pools, though, prospective pool owners turn their sites to a more practical alternative – above ground pools.

Why should you get an above ground pool? For starters, installing one won’t break the bank like an inground pool would. Above ground pools are also easy to maintain, and are generally safer. These three reasons alone should be enough, but there’s more to love.

As you own an above ground pool, you will realize how much more practical it is over an inground version. Maintenance won’t cost much, and it is tax-free. This means you don’t have to pay yearly taxes on the above ground pool as you would with an inground one.

And what if you move homes in the near future? If you own an inground pool, you’d have to leave it behind and have another built wherever you are moving to next. But with an above ground pool, you can have it dismantled then reinstalled wherever you choose.

When it comes to looks, many would argue that above ground pools are not as attractive as inground pools are. However, given the many customizable options you have with above ground pools, you can make your pool much more attractive than any inground pool. From decks to accessories, the only thing that limits your above ground pool’s aesthetic potential is your imagination.

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