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Why Choose an Above Ground Pool in West Boxford, MA?

A town in Essex County, Massachusetts, Boxford lies about 24 miles north of Boston with a population of about 8,000. Summers in Boxford can get uncomfortably hot, so many residents look for alternative ways to stay cool off at home. One of the more popular choices is getting an above ground pool.

Inground or above ground, that is the question. So why should you go for an above ground pool in West Boxford, MA anyway – when everyone knows that inground pools are the traditional choice?

For starters, above ground pools are significantly more affordable – to install and to maintain. What’s more, it’s tax-free. Unlike inground pools where you need to pay annual taxes on it.

Affordability is one thing, but how does it perform compared to inground pools? It might come as a surprise for some, but above ground pools do the same thing inground pools do, plus much more. Both keep you cool, that’s a given. But above ground pools have a leg up on inground pools by being much safer. While kids and pets may fall into inground pools, the raised profile (plus optional fence and gate) of above ground pools makes it more difficult.

Another thing, above ground pools are fully customizable. Sure you can customize an inground pool during installation, but once installed, what if you suddenly change your mind? You’d have to excavate and redo the whole thing all over again. With above ground pools, you only need to replace the deck with another without having to drain the pool, excavate, or dismantle it.

Going back to maintenance, while it costs less to maintain an above ground pool, what makes it more special is that the amount of maintenance required isn’t as involved as it is with inground pools. Whether you maintain the pool or yourself or hire a professional to do it, above ground pools are much easier to keep in good working order.

These are but a few reasons to go with an above ground pool. If you’ve been on the fence about buying a pool before, consider above ground pools to help you with your decision. You can’t lose. Call Ambassador Pools today and ask how they can make your pool-owning dreams come true!

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