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Why Choose an Above Ground Pool in Eliot, Maine?

Part of the Maine metropolitan statistical area, Eliot is a town in York County. It is home to Littlebrook Airpark and the Raitt Homestead Farm Museum. Eliot is located just northwest of I-95, near the border of New Hampshire, and has a population of about 6,300.

Maine has one of the most comfortable summer climates in the country, and to make it more comfortable, many residents spend their free days lounging in the water. While the beaches of Maine are popular destinations, not everyone can visit the beach any time they want, thus the prospect of owning their own pool is an attractive one.

If you are one of those planning to get a pool, you’ve no doubt wrestled with the choice between an inground pool or an above ground one. While inground pools are nice, above ground pools can be better. Here’s why you should choose an above ground pool in Eliot, Maine.

Above ground pools are much more affordable. Given the high costs of installing and maintaining an inground pool, many pool owners have opted to go for above ground pools due to the lower costs they incur. Aside from saving you money, an above ground pool also saves your property from being permanently scarred, thus keeping its value.

As for maintenance, while above ground pools still require it regularly, the amount of time and effort you’d need to put into it is minimal compared to inground pools.

Easily set up and dismantled, if ever you decide to move homes in the near future, you can have your above ground pool taken down and reinstalled to wherever you are moving to next. What this means is, even if you move homes, you get to bring your pool investment with you. Something that even the finest inground pools can’t do.

If you are pressed for space, inground pools may not be an option, which makes above ground pools perfect. Available in various shapes and sizes, no matter how large or little a space you can manage, there is an above ground pool for you.

There are many more reasons why above ground pools are the better pool investment, and the above are but the tip of the iceberg. If you want to learn more about above ground pools, feel free to call Ambassador Pools for more information.


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