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When Your Wells, ME Above Ground Pool Over-Stabilizes

A popular summer destination, Wells is a town in York County, Maine with a population of about 10,000. It is the third-oldest town in the state, being founded in 1643.

Situated near the sea, residents here have an affinity for the water, preferring to swim to cool off when the weather gets hot. Summers in Wells can become hot and humid, which makes it the time when locals start dusting off their swim wear and head on down to the nearest swimming hole.

But not everyone can visit the nearest swimming hole anytime they want, which makes above ground pools one of the more popular purchases of those who love to swim. While easier to maintain than above ground pools, it still requires some care.

So what should you do when your pool over-stabilizes?

First, you must understand what over stabilization is. It is the build-up of cynauric acid, and is the result of the extended use of stabilized sanitizers along with stabilized shock products.

What over stabilization does is limit the effectiveness of the chlorine in your pool, thus decreasing its effectiveness in killing germs, bacteria and algae. While small levels of cynauric acid protect chlorine form degradation by sunlight, too much will negate its abilities, and can cause problems.

The recommended levels for cynauric acid in pools are between 40 and 60 ppm.

To learn more about over stabilization, how to handle it, and how to prevent it, be sure to consult Ambassador Pools. Not only is Ambassador Pools the best above ground pool provider in the area, it is also the best place for everything you need when it comes to above ground pools.

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