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What the Law Says About Above Ground Pools in Tewksbury, MA

First settled in 1637, Tewksbury is a town in Middlesex County, Massachusetts with a population of about 30,000. It is situated about 19 miles north-northwest of Boston and has the Merrimack River forming part of its northern boundary.

Summers in the area can be hot and humid, which makes above ground pools an attractive addition to anyone’s home. Aside from being more affordable than inground pools, above ground pools are more practical and easier to maintain, too.

But what does the law say about owning above ground pools?

First off, there is a law that requires covers on in-pool filtration systems. This is to prevent swimmers, especially children, from getting injured when the pool filter’s suction gets hold of them.

While most pool laws differ from state to state, some of the other common laws require having a pool fence erected to keep children out when not in use. Usually, these same laws include a provision requiring gates to be locked when an adult is not present.

Of course, there are construction laws and codes to follow when installing a pool, and it’s wise to follow these to the T. The laws often require the proper installation of pool lighting and other special electrical components to avoid electrocution. Always have a professional electrician install these up to code.


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