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West Newbury, MA Above Ground Pool Facts

Situated on the Merrimack River, West Newbury in Essex County, Massachusetts has a population of about 4,300. It was first settled in 1635, turning into a rural farming town until it evolved into the affluent community it is today.

Many West Newbury residents love the water, and as such, when the weather gets hot enough, they look to cool off by taking a swim. Since not everyone can visit the nearest watering hole everyday, many look to buy an above ground pool, instead, for easy access to some water.

If you are planning to buy an above ground pool, here are some facts to consider:

Since a pool requires a lot of water, and must be replenished from time to time, make sure you install your pool near a water source so you can easily top off the water level whenever needed.

While many think they can set up an above ground pool by themselves, it’s best to call in a professional to ensure that the installation is done correctly – from ensuring that the ground is level, to putting the right substrate underneath the pool. Some excavation and landscaping may be needed, as well as other heavy duty lifting. In other words, get professional help.

Also, be sure to take into account that your pool will require proper maintenance, which means long-term costs. The good news though is that maintaining an above ground pool is more affordable than maintaining an inground one.

While owning an above ground pool requires dedication, time, and money, it is all worth it. Besides, it is still significantly easier to own an above ground pool than an inground one, so you will still be ahead.

To learn more about above ground pools, its installation and maintenance, call Ambassador Pools today!

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