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Understanding TDS – Waterboro, ME

Waterboro in Maine is a town in York County with a population of about 8,000. Part of the Portland-South Portland-Biddefore metropolitan area, it is was once called Massabesic by Abenaki Indians, which means “the place of much water.”

Summers in the area can be hot and humid, and since many locals love to cool off by swimming, it is still a place of much water, albeit found in above ground pools.

Above ground pools are rising in popularity over its inground counterparts, especially since these are much more easier to maintain. However, while easy, it still needs maintenance and one of the things an above ground pool owner should know. For example understanding TDS or total dissolved solids is a must.

TDS is the amount of dissolved matter in the water and can be cause by several factors; from the chemicals used to adjust pH, the chlorine, water hardness, alkalinity, dust, dirt, and even human waste.

For any pool, the max acceptable level is 1,500 ppm, if the TDS levels reach above this, stains can appear in the pool. It will also render any chemicals used to be less effective, which in turn can make the water cloudy.

If TDS levels become too high, there’s not much any pool owner can do except replace the water. One can drain half the water and replace it, or a pool owner can just outright replace all the water. To help prevent TDS from rising above acceptable levels, regular backwashing should be done.

To learn more about TDS, how to control it, and other general above ground pool maintenance tips, feel free to call or visit Ambassador Pools.

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