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The Advantages of an Above Ground Pool in Haverhill, MA

Located on the Merrimack River, Haverhill is a city in Essex County in Massachusetts. With a population of about 61,000, it was once known as the “Queen Slipper City,” being one of the largest producers of shoes in the US. With its proximity to the river, it’s no surprise that many residents have a special affinity for the water as a means to relax and de-stress. However, not everyone has the time to go down the river to take a swim, which is why many prefer getting their own pool.

But inground pools can be prohibitively expensive to install and maintain. Thank the pool gods then for giving us above ground pools – a more affordable, practical, and efficient alternative.

What are the advantages of an above ground pool in Haverhill? Let me count the ways…

For starters, above ground pools are easier to maintain, having a double drain and pump installed – one does not need to purchase additional pool cleaning accessories.

As mentioned earlier, on-ground pools are much more practical and affordable, too. You spend less to have one installed, it costs less to maintain, and it is tax-free. That’s right, unlike inground pools where you have to pay yearly taxes on it, above ground pools don’t bind you with payments to the government.

Easy to install, above ground pools take only a day to set-up. Compared to the more than a month wait you’d have to endure for an inground pool, with an above ground pool, you can enjoy swimming almost immediately.

For those who prefer the aesthetics of inground pools, consider the fact that above ground pools can also be set up with a beautiful deck surrounding them.

Planning to move homes in the near future? With above ground pools, you can take your pool investment with you to your new home. Easily dismantled, you can have it brought to your new home and reinstalled there. Unlike inground pools where it stays put no matter what.

Above ground pools also come in rectangular shapes that are perfect for swimming laps and playing water sports. They also have security accessories to ensure the safety of young kids and pets.

In short, above ground pools do what inground pools do, and more. The advantages of having an above ground pool will make you reconsider having an inground one since it’s virtually the same, albeit more affordable.

If you are interested in having your own above ground pool, or to learn more about it, call the finest above ground pool providers in your area – Ambassador Pools!

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