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Some Facts About Getting an Above Ground Pool in Prides Crossing, MA

Prides Crossing is a section of the City of Beverly, Massachusetts that’s steeped in history. Unlike other formal areas, Prides Crossing does not have any formal boundaries and is just considered to exist between numbers 407 and 600 Hale St.

Prides Crossing was once an area where many late 1800s and early 1900s grand mansions were built as summer homes for the wealthy. While not all residents today own grand mansions, homes can still be made to become ‘summer’ getaways with a little creativity.

Summers can be hot, and the best way to cool off is by taking a dip in a pool. To complete the summer look of your Prides Crossing home, consider getting an above ground pool. For those who are planning to get one, while relatively easy to own and maintain, should still consider these facts:

Above ground pool liners protect the pool and the area around it. While made tough, there is still a chance the liner can break or get damaged. It’s important to check the liner every few months to ensure your above ground pool works as it should.

When winter comes around, you might have to drain the pool to avoid freezing, since ice expands and your pool might be damaged. Be sure to cover your pool, as well, to prevent animals or kids from climbing inside.

Always be sure to check water levels since it can evaporate. Replace lost water by refilling it when needed. This can be done once a year, so it’s not that hard of a job.

When installing an above ground pool, take into consideration its access. Most above ground pools will have a ladder, but you might want to invest in having a deck or patio area to make access easier to get into and out of the pool.

Be sure to clean your pool at least once a week and check the pH balance and chemical levels of the pool. Why? So algae and other living organisms are kept at bay. While above ground pools are built with a double drain and pump to clean the water, you should need to check it every once in a while to ensure proper cleanliness.

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