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Solutions for Eye And Skin Irritation in Above Ground Pools – Ocean Park, ME

An unincorporated community in York County, Maine, Ocean Park is also known as Temple Square or Chatauqua-By-The-Sea. It is an historic family-style summer community located in Temple Avenue on Saco Bay and was mainly constructed in the 1880s.

Being a seaside community, residents in the area love the water. Especially when the days get warm in summer, locals would rather take a swim to cool off than sit around in an air conditioned room. While the ocean may be close, many would rather take a dip in the privacy of their own home, which makes above ground pools especially popular.

More practical and affordable than inground pools, above ground pools tend to be a popular alternative choice for many would-be pool owners. However, like any other pool, there are times when eye and skin irritation occurs due to the chlorine.

High levels of chlorine are the chief cause for eye and skin irritation and the reasons may be because of too little free available chlorine or an incorrect pH balance. If this happens, you can do the following.

First, you can check the pH and alkalinity levels of the pool and adjust it accordingly. Or, you can shock the pool using shock treatment chemicals. When you shock the pool, you’ll have to check the pH and alkalinity again after a few hours and readjust. Take note that chlorine levels should be between the 1 – 4 ppm range.

Don’t let eye and skin irritation ruin your pool for you. If you need help in handling above ground pool problems, feel free to call Ambassador Pools. The leading provider of above ground pools, Ambassador Pools can also assist you with maintenance and offer solutions for common pool problems.

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