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Scale Deposits in Your Above Ground Pool in Wells, ME

A popular summer destination for tourists, Wells in York County, Maine is also the third-oldest town in the state. With a population of nearly 10,000, the town is part of the Portland-South Portland-Biddeford metropolitan statistical area and has a total area of 73.61 square miles.

While Wells Beach is a popular spot during the summer, there are some residents who want a place all for themselves to cool off in. Which is why above ground pools in the area have become quite popular. More affordable, more practical, and definitely more easy to maintain than inground pools, many residents in and around Wells are intrigued with the prospect of owning one, if they don’t already.

For those who own one, have you ever wondered why sometimes there are white, gray, or brownish chalky deposits on your pool’s walls and fixtures? These are called scale deposits and they happen regularly.

Scale deposits in a above ground pool are the precipitates that form due to unbalanced water. Whether its a high pH, high TA, calcium hardness, or a combination of the three, scale deposits happen. While the pH, calcium hardness, and TA are easily controlled and stabilized by a few treatments, when left for a little while, scale deposits can occur.

Fortunately, these are easily taken care of with a simple call to Ambassador Pools. A pool expert can come in to do a full analysis, and based on his or her findings, you will need to balance your water to ensure the scale deposits are controlled.

So if you are experiencing scale deposits in your pool, call Ambassador Pools today. Ambassador Pools aren’t just purveyors of quality above ground pools, but they can help you with your existing one as well.

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