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Preparing Your Above Ground Pool in Newbury, MA

A town in Essex County, Massachusetts, Newbury was incorporated in 1635. With a population of about 7,000, the town is primarily a residential town with a lot of beautiful architecture.

Lying south of the Merrimack River, locals have a special bond with water. As such, when summer comes, locals enjoy cooling off by swimming. However, not everyone has the time nor means to swim in the river everyday, so many look to have their own pool. But since owning an inground pool can be quite expensive, a lot are discovering the benefits of above ground pools.

If you are planning to get an above ground pool, you should have an idea how to prepare for its installation. It doesn’t really take long to install one, taking only a day in most situations. However, there might be instances where installing one would take 3 to 5 days due to problems with stone, retaining walls, or the weather.

When it comes to installing the pool, you can try to do it yourself, though it’s better to get professional help. Whichever route you take, the typical installation steps are as follows:

Preparation of the area, which includes compacting the dirt. Then, you assemble the frame. After which, you compact the bottom of where the pool will be, this will entail compacting sand and dirt. You then install the liner, then the filter system, and other equipment.

It sounds simple, and it is. However, if you don’t have the patience, time, skills, or energy to do it yourself, you can always ask the professionals to do it.

While these are just the basics, if you have the budget and time, you can go ahead and have a deck built, put in a water-heater, level the ground, and even install some lighting around the pool.

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