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North Andover, MA Above Ground Pool Features

In Essex County, Massachusetts, a town called North Andover sits with a population of about 29,000. Just south of the Merrimack River, the town is considered a bedroom community of the greater Boston area.

As a bedroom community, locals look to relax in North Andover, leaving the stress of work back in their places of business. With summer fast approaching, the best way to relax and cool off is by dipping in a pool. But with the prohibitive costs of inground pools, above ground pools are the most popular alternative.

But what are its features?

Above ground pool features make swimming in it much more fun and safe. One of the most popular, that gives swimmers a sense of privacy as well, is the installation of pool decks. Available in different materials, you can customize your pool deck according to taste and function.

Ladders are also available to make entering and exiting above ground pools much easier. A quick glance at other features of above ground pools: it’s safer for kids, mobile (can move with you), has a higher resale value, requires less maintenance, easier to set up, and so on.

The biggest features of above ground pools, and advantages over inground pools, are its costs. Aside from being more affordable, above ground pools are easier to maintain, thus costing less. Additionally, your insurance rates don’t increase, you are not required to pay property taxes on it, and you won’t have to spend more on underground plumbing and repairs due to water table problems.

Above ground pools are the future of home-swimming. This summer, don’t let the heat get to you. Contact Ambassador Pools today to find the best pool for you and your family!

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