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Landscaping Around Your Berwick, ME Above Ground Pool

A town in York County, Maine, Berwick is located beside the Salmon Falls River. With a population of about 7,300, the town was once called Kittery Commons, then Unity. It was changed to Berwick in 1713.

Two rivers drain Berwick, Little River and Salmon Falls River, and as such, locals have a love affair of sorts with water. Being a central part of everyday life, when days become warm, it’s only natural that many cool off by taking a swim.

Today, many opt to have a pool of their own and above ground pools have proven to be a popular choice given their practicality, affordability, and overall efficiency. But sometimes, having a pool stick out in the middle of the yard can be an eyesore. It’s a good thing landscaping around your above ground pool is not out of the question.

Landscaping around your above ground pool is more than just an aesthetic decision though, and it can also serve a practical purpose by absorbing the water that splashes from the pool, preventing a muddy mess. Here’s how you can prepare the ground:

  • Dig a soil barrier about 3 feet from the pool’s wall. Remove the rocks, grass, and weeds in this strip of soil.
  • About 2 inches from the pool wall, dig a slit trench about 18 inches deep. Take a sheet of metal root barrier and hammer it into the slit. This is to prevent plant roots from growing under the pool.
  • You can then plant bushes around the pool. It’s best to choose perennial plants and those that don’t drop leaves or flowers to minimize debris.
  • Use rocks to cover the ground on the edge of the soil barrier to prevent weeds and grass from growing back. This will also allow splashed water to drain to the bushes and plants you’ve planted.

Remember, leave the area around the ladder of your pool free. You can use stones to create a walkway to the ladder though, to add a dash of class.

To learn more about above ground pools, and how to decorate and customize them according to your tastes, call Ambassador Pools today. They can help you with everything you need about above ground pools and give valuable tips and advice.

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