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Installing Your Ipswich Above Ground Pool on Concrete

A coastal town, Ipswich in Essex County, Massachusetts boasts a vibrant tourism industry and is famous for its clams. An annual Ipswch Chowderfest is visited by many people every year to fortify this fact.

As a town close to the sea, many residents have a fond affinity with water, especially when it comes to cooling off and relaxing. But since making a trip to the sea everyday can be impossible for some, many look to above ground pools to satisfy their swim cravings.

Many wonder though if above ground pools are exclusively used over grass, sand, or soil only and if installing it over concrete is impossible (for fear of it getting punctured). The good news is, yes, you can install your above ground pool on concrete if a sand or soil base is not possible. However, there are a few do’s and don’t’s to consider.

The first thing to consider is that if you are planning to get an above ground pool other than a round shape, forget it. A round shape is preferred when installed over concrete, given its simple frame design. Even oval pools are discouraged, but if you do insist on getting an oval-shaped pool, a professional pool installer should be called over.

Since concrete is a hard surface, burying pool parts can be very difficult and will require cutting into the concrete, so be sure you get professional help to avoid any nasty mistakes.

When choosing your location for the pool, make sure the concrete area is large enough to accommodate the pool and be sure it is level. An inch or so drop is acceptable, but any major drop can cause the pool to collapse or even get damaged. If there is a slight dip, use a shim to level things off.

Aside from the pool liner, you should have something like Armor Shield or Gorilla Pad and a pool cove, as well, to avoid punctures. Using sand or soil over concrete is not advisable as it can be washed off.

When the floor protective layer and pool cove is all set, follow the regular pool installation steps. Having an above ground pool over concrete is no big deal as long as you follow the guidelines above. If you need help, don’t hesitate to call your above ground pool provider for assistance.

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