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How to Detect Leaks in Your Groveland Above Ground Pool

A town in Essex County, Massachusetts, Groveland was first established in 1672 after separating from the town of Rowley. Today, it is very much a modern bedroom community making traffic a problem during rush hour. But once rush hour is over, it is a sleepy town with many residents biking and walking around.

Bedroom communities are known for being a place where people stay to rest and relax, while working in a different place. When the hot, summer months come, what better way is there to relax than in your very own above ground pool? But what if your pool has a noticeable decrease in water level? The first thing you should do is to make sure it isn’t from a leak.

You can check if the decrease in water level is due to evaporation by getting a pail of water and placing it on the first step of your pool. Make sure the water in the pail is level with that of the pool. Ask your family members to stop using the pool for awhile and wait a day or so. If the level of both have decreased the same level, then it’s evaporation. However, if the pool’s level is significantly lower than that of the pail, then you might be faced with a leak.

To detect a leak, you should first be aware that leaks can either be from the pool itself, or from the pipe and filter. Check your pump and filter first, looking around for wet areas to help you determine the source. Oftentimes, leaks are from connection problems with the pipes, so check these as well.

If the pipes seem dry and functioning like they should, then unfortunately, you might have a shell leak. Having an above ground pool makes it easier to look for leaks around the shell, compared to inground pools where you have to find the leaks from inside it.

Once you find the hole, it’s best to call in an expert above ground pool repairman to ensure the shell’s leak is fixed correctly. Even if you can’t find the shell leak, you might want to call in a professional to help you find it.

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