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How to Deal With Ice Damage To Your Above Ground Pool This Winter

This winter has just started and it is already proving to be incredibly cold with brutal temperatures, record-breaking snowfall totals, and freezing rain and sleet galore. If you are the proud owner of an above ground pool, then you likely have done all that you can to get it prepared for the cold months ahead.

However, sometimes even with the best care and attention, ice damage to your above ground pool may not be avoidable. Under the weight of heavy snow and ice, pool liners can rip and tear, and walls can become dented or even start to actually fall apart.
Ice in the Water
When water in your pool builds up and turns to ice, it expands nearly 9%. This puts an extensive amount of pressure on the pool walls and cause them to expand outward. This can easily be prevented with the use of a specialized air pillow beneath a tightly-secured pool cover. It is important to protect against this problem since the ice can ruin your liner and scrape down the sides of the pool’s wall.
Damage From Snow
A foot of snow on top of an average-sized above ground pool can weigh in excess of 7,000 pounds. And add to that more ice and snow, and the weight just continues to go up and up all winter long. Eventually, the walls of your pool won’t be able to support the weight or pressure. This is when the walls start to buckle beneath the weight, and this will typically happen at the weakest point – usually where the skimmer and return are located.
Taking Care of Repairs
If your above ground pool has been severely damaged this winter, it will be important for you to properly take care of the problem(s) before spring returns. To repair walls, you can make use of continuous rolls of sheet metal that are often sold at your local home improvement store. Be sure that you are using a stainless steel metal. If the walls are bent or buckled, they can be taken care of and put back into place with the use of a 2×4 and a hammer or mallet. Lower the water in your pool to below the damaged area. Then, hold the wood inside of the pool and hit it from the outside with your hammer. This will help to flatten the wall and remove creases.
Preventing Damage
Be sure that you make use of an air pillow below your pool cover. You should also make sure that you are on the look-out for any leaks that may pop up during the winter months. Taking care of them NOW will prevent a lot of damage and headaches in the spring. Remove sno and build-up of ice from the top of the pool, but be careful.

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