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Heating Your Marblehead, MA. Above Ground Pool

A coastal town in Essex County, Massachusetts, Marblehead has its roots in commercial fishing and yachting. Known as the birthplace of the American Navy, Marine Corps Aviation, and is one of the more popular yachting sites in the country, you can tell that water plays a huge part in the lives of the town’s residents.

Naturally, many love to go swimming to cool off or just to relax. However, not everyone can visit the seaside everyday to unwind, which makes above ground pools a popular thing to have. While swimming while the weather is hot is one thing, what if you plan to swim when the weather is a bit nippy?

Heating your above ground pool takes into account several variables, such as the usage, location, and the size of the pool to determine whether your pool will be alright with a heat pump or gas heater.

To decide, try to first determine your usage rate. Will the pool be used everyday? Or just during the weekends? If you plan to use the pool everyday, a heat pump makes more sense. Though more expensive initially, it is more economical in the long run.

If you plan to use the pool sparingly only during weekends or on special occasions, you’d be best served by a gas-heater since it can produce heat on-demand. Gas heaters have a higher operating cost, though.

The location of your pool also plays a part in your decision. A heat pump will work better in higher air temperatures while a gas heater is more useful in lower air temperatures. An above ground pool in a warm temperature climate can stretch the heat from a heat pump for weeks, or even months.

Finally, you need to take into account the size of the pool. The larger the pool, the more heat you’ll require. By determining the BTUs (British Thermal Unit) of your pool, you can figure out what size heater you should use. An underpowered heater will cost more in the long run than one that is suited for the size of your pool, so be sure not to under-size your unit.

Above ground pools are not only useful for warm, summer days, you can still have your exercise even in cooler days with the right heater. Whether you go with a heat pump or a gas-heater, be sure to take into account the variables listed above to make an informed decision.

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