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Heating Your Above Ground Pool in Hollis, ME

Part of the Maine metropolitan statistical area, Hollis is a town in Maine with a population of about 4,300. It is a rural bedroom community of Portland and was originally called Little Falls Plantation.

Summers in Hollis is a time for relaxation, and one of the best ways to relax under the summer sun is by swimming. Having your own above ground pool can let you swim anytime you want, and it is no surprise that a number of residents have their own for that purpose.

However, summer nights can get chilly at times, and sometimes above ground pool owners can’t maximize their investment if the water is freezing. What you need to enjoy your pool to the fullest is by heating your above ground pool properly.

A properly heated pool can have you enjoying your pool for more hours, days of the year, and in some cases, even the whole year round. So let’s look at the facts of heating an above ground pool.

Most people find 78 degrees F as a comfortable temperature for swimming. While the sun can help heat the water, unless you live in a very warm climate, your above ground pool won’t exceed the temperature of the air. In these cases, a pool heater is needed.

Heating options are varied. You can choose to use gas, oil, electricity, or solar power. While there are pros and cons for each, it really depends on your location. To find the most efficient and practical way to heat your pool in your area, call the Ambassador Pool experts.

Aside from location, the size of your pool is important. It may seem tempting to save up and get the cheapest option, in the long run, a larger, more expensive heater can be more economical. Whatever the case may be, it is best to consult with a pool expert.

To learn more about heating your pool and above ground pools in general, call Ambassador Pools today. Anything you need to know about above ground pools, its maintenance, and what not, Ambassador Pools can help.

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