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Getting a Quiet Pool Filter

Nobody wants to be relaxing in their new above ground pool and then be interrupted by a loud, annoying filter system. You can’t shut it off or do “without” one as this is what is responsible for helping to keep your water safe, clean, and healthy. So the question is, how do you go about getting a quiet pool filter? Well, let’s dive in!

The type of filtration system you have influences how loud it’s going to be. Cartridge filters, for example, produce less noise than a sand filter because of their hydraulic design. A sand filter has a special port on it that water moves through before getting to the filter. This can put off a lot of noise. A cartridge filter does NOT have the additional port for water to move through.

The quietest filtration systems are variable speed pumps. You need to be sure that you are choosing one with at least two speeds. When running on low-speed, you will barely even be able to notice that it’s running, and when you are finished for the day in the pool, you can push the system up to high-speed and not have to deal with the noise from inside your home.

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