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Skin Irritation from Pool Water- York Harbor, ME

A census-designated place in York County, Maine, York Harbor has a population of about 3,000 and is known for its resort architecture. A summer colony, it is also part of the Portland-South Portland-Biddeford metropolitan statistical area.

As a summer colony, swimming is a popular pastime here. However, many locals prefer to swim in the privacy of their own homes, thus prompting many of them to purchase their own above ground pools.

Above ground, pools are more affordable and easier to maintain than in-ground pools, which explains its popularity. But like any other pool, it has its own share of problems.

Every once in a while, have you ever encountered getting irritated skin and eyes while swimming? Despite what many people think, the cause for this is not too much chlorine in the pool, but rather, it could be that the pool has too little free available chlorine and an incorrect pH.

To solve this problem and give you a more pleasant swim, there are two simple steps to take:

First, you should check the pH and alkalinity of your pool, and adjust it as needed.

Second, shock the pool using shock treatment chemicals. Once done, re-check the alkalinity and pH and adjust as needed.

That’s it! Oh, one more thing, be sure to keep your chlorine levels between 1 to 4 ppm.

Simple enough? Of course, it is. But if ever you need help with the maintenance of your above ground pool, be sure to contact Ambassador Pools. They not only can help you with your problem, but they can also provide you with the chemicals and materials you need for a stress-free pool experience!

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