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Energy Saving Tips For Your Above Ground Pool – Kennebunk, ME

A town in York County, Maine, Kennebunk is home to several beaches and has a population of nearly 11,000. First settled in 1621, it was incorporated as a town in 1820. Today, it is a thriving industrial community and is known for its 1,500 acres of nature trails and blueberry fields.

While Kennebunk has its own beaches, not all residents can head on down to one and cool off when the weather gets hot. This is why many have their own above ground pool. Owning one is much more practical and efficient compared to owning an inground pool, and to further save you money, here are some energy saving tips for your above ground pool, you might want to consider.

One of the best investments you can make is a pool cover. If you heat your pool, it can net you 50 to 70 percent energy savings. If not, it helps in keeping debris and leaves off it while minimizing pool water evaporation. A good pool cover can last several years, and they are usually made of plastic or aluminum.

If you have a heater, it is wise to invest in a timer. A heater in use can overheat in time, especially when water is not circulating through it, so be sure the pump is one when you turn on the heater. A timer can help ease operation as well as shut it down after a given time to cool down the system.

Still on pool heating, if you haven’t installed one yet, solar heating can be quite the money saver. While it may initially cost more than traditional gas, oil, or electric heaters, once installed, a solar heater provides virtually free heat.

There are several different kinds of solar heaters so be sure to research the best option for your pool first.

To learn more about saving energy with your above ground pool, call the pool experts at Ambassador Pools. Whether you need help with your existing pool, or are interested in getting one, Ambassador Pools can surely help.

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