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Does Your Above Ground Pool Have a Strong Chlorine Smell? – York, ME

Lying near the southern tip of the state of Maine, York is a town with a population of about 13,000 and is a well-known summer resort. Home to three full golf courses, four sandy beaches and Mount Agamenticus, many tourists flock to the place to spend summer in style.

While tourists cool off in the sandy beaches, many locals are left to either endure the crowds or stay at home. While socializing in the beach may be fun for some, many prefer taking a swim in private.

Because of this, many locals have their own above ground pools so they can cool off any time without having to jockey for position in a crowded beach. However, sometimes pool owners have to deal with routine pool problems, one of which is a strong chlorine smell.

While chlorine is equated to having a clean pool, ironically, a strong chlorine smell coming from your pool means it doesn’t have enough. The smell comes from chloramines and these are usually formed when the level of free available chlorine is not enough.

To be sure, you can calculate the the free available chlorine and total chlorine to get the measure of unwanted combined chlorine compounds that cause the smell using the following equation:

combined chlorine = total chlorine – free chlorine

If you find that the combined chlorine levels is higher than the free available chlorine, you might need to shock treat your pool or use other pool water sanitizers. You can also use a non-chlorine shock if you want to minimize the use of chlorine.

To learn more about chlorine in your pool, feel free to contact Ambassador Pools. The best provider of above ground pools in the area, Ambassador Pools can also help you with maintenance, as well as offer the proper chemicals you need to keep your above ground pool clean and healthy.

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