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Discolored Water in Above Ground Pool – York Beach, ME

An unincorporated beach community, York Beach in Maine consists of Long Sand and Short Sands beaches in the Gulf of Maine. The town has a population of about 13,000 though, being a popular summer destination, the number spikes up to 52,000 in the summer months.

Obviously, swimming in the beach to cool off is popular among the locals here, however, the summer months makes it difficult to relax given the number of people around. Thus, locals have been turning to above ground pools to get their daily swim routine while avoiding the crowded beaches.

While above ground pools are growing in popularity due to its affordability and ease of maintenance compared to inground pools, the same pool problems still arise of course. One of these is having colored water.

If you find your above ground pool having colored water, this is most likely caused by dissolved metals or a high organic content. Given that there is no algae present, colored water usually has a clear green/brown/yellow tint to it.

To get your pool back to having sparkling clear water, get a water sample and bring it to Ambassador Pools for a full analysis.

If metals are found to be the cause, a metal control agent can be used to control it. But if a high organic content is detected, you can shock the pool using the proper shock treatment chemicals.

You can ask Ambassador Pools where to find the proper chemicals you need, and they will be glad to assist you.

By the way, before you enter the pool again, be sure that the free chlorine level has returned to between 1 to 4 ppm.

To find out more about proper pool maintenance, be sure to ask Ambassador Pools for help. Aside from providing above ground pools, Ambassador Pools are also experts in above ground pool care.

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