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Dealing With The Chlorine Smell of Your Above Ground Pool in Newfield, ME

Newfield is a town in York County, Maine. Known for being the home of the Willowbrook Museum Village, Newfield has a population of about 1,500 and is part of the Portland-South Portland-Biddeford metropolitan statistical area.

Summers in Newfield can be uncomfortably hot, and swimming is one of the more popular ways to cool off. However, not everyone has the time nor means to visit the local local swimming hole, so many opt instead to have one in their own backyard in the form of an above ground pool.

One of the things above ground pool owners have to deal with though is the chlorine smell. While not really that offensive, it can still cause others to become uncomfortable. So, how do you deal with the chlorine smell of a above ground pool?

While some might think that the smell of chlorine means that the pool is properly disinfected, strangely enough, if you smell the chlorine it means that the pool hasn’t got enough of it. The smell actually comes from chloramines, which are formed when there is not enough levels of free chlorine to react with ammonia and nitrogen-containing compounds.

To make sure this is the case, you can measure the level of free and total chlorine using the following formula:

Combined chlorine = total chlorine – free chlorine

When there is very little or no free available chlorine, you can deal with this with a chlorine shock treatment or the use of a pool water sanitizer.

To find out more above combined chlorine and how to deal with it properly, call Ambassador Pools. while being one of the leading above ground pool providers in the area, Ambassador Pools can help you with all your pool related issues.

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