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Dealing With Colored Water in Your Limington, ME Above Ground Pool

A town in York County, Maine, Limington is a popular tourist destination with historic architecture. Part of the Portland-South Portland-Biddeford, Maine metropolitan statistical area, Limington has a population of about 3,800 with an area of 43.29 square miles.

A few hours drive away form the sea, many residents in Limington often visit the sea to cool off when the weather gets hot. But since not everyone has the time to spare to go to the beach, many residents instead opt to get their own above ground pool.

While above ground pools are easier to maintain than inground pools – and more affordable – the fact remains that maintenance is still required. But despite your maintenance, sometimes the water still changes color. So how do you deal with colored water in your above ground pool?

There are two causes for colored water in an above ground pool: dissolved metals or a high organic content. If you have colored water, you can do the following to make it crystal clear again:

1. Bring a sample of the pool water to Ambassador Pools to have it analyzed
2. If the results show dissolved metals, you can add a sequestering agent or metal control to the pool. Be sure to follow the dealer’s instructions.
3. If the analysis yields high organic content, you can shock treat your pool with the proper chemicals. Ask your dealer which chemicals to use and again, follow their instructions.

Simple as that, you can turn your colored water pool back to its crystal clear glory. BE sure to ask Ambassador Pools for advice if you are not sure about the treatment.

After treatment, make sure the free chlorine level drops down to 1 to 4 ppm before you enter the pool.

For more information about proper above ground pool maintenance, feel free to call Ambassador Pools. Whatever your above ground pool needs are, you can trust Ambassador Pools to help you out.

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