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Dealing With Cloudy Water – Springvale, ME

A village in York County, and once a cesus-designated place in Sanford, Springvale in Maine is part of the Portland-South Portland-Biddeford metropolitan area.

The climate in the area is classified as a humid continental climate, meaning summers can be hot and humid. Because of this, many residents look for various ways to cool themselves under the sun, and one of the more popular is swimming. While not everyone can visit a swimming pool whenever they want, many get their own above ground pools instead.

Above ground pools may be easy to maintain, but every once in awhile, the water can become cloudy. This can be caused by an incorrect pH, incorrect TA, or improper filtration. To fix the cloudy water, make sure your pH and TA levels are in the ideal ranges before you adjust your filtration system.

Once levels are set, be sure the filtration system is smooth and run it for 8 – 12 hours non-stop. If the filter needs backwashing, do so and replace it.

If filter pressure does not normalize after backwashing, the filter might need to be cleaned chemically.

Be sure the pump strainer baskets and skimmer baskets have been emptied, and make sure that the pH and alkalinity are within the ideal range.

You can also shock the pool with appropriate shock tools.

Remember, before you enter the pool, be sure the chlorine levels have dropped between 1 and 4 ppm.

If you need to learn more about maintaining your pool and keeping the water clean, be sure to contact Ambassador Pools.

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