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Cooling Your Above Ground Pool in Merrimac, MA

A town in Essex County, Massachusetts, Merrimac lies on the border of New Hampshire and is just 34 miles northeast of Boston. With a population of about 6,500, Merrimac was once a manufacturing center, though it is now a residential community.

Positioned along the North Bank of the Merrimack River, it comes as no surprise that many residents have a love for the water. Cooling off and taking a dip to relax comes naturally. However, not everyone can go to the river daily to wash their stress away, which makes owning an above ground pool very enticing.

For those who already have a pool, no doubt you immediately take a dip when the days get warmer, but what about the days when the sun is so harsh, even the water is too hot? Here are tips to bring your pool water back down to a refreshing temperature.

You can cool your pool by a few degrees just by circulating the water during the night. Those with a fountain can run it at night, or you can have misting bars installed to help evaporation and cooling your above ground pool in Merrimac. However, this can also result in water loss, so be sure to add water to your pool regularly.

Another way is to install a mechanical evaporative cooler. This is installed in your pool’s plumbing between the pump and filter, and the salt chlorine generator. Fans are used to cool swimming pool water while it travels to the cooling system. This option can cool your pool up to about 10 degrees F. However, be sure to add water often as this also enhances evaporation. A mechanical evaporative cooler is also susceptible to corrosion, so be sure to keep an eye on it.

Another option is to install a reverse-cycle pool heat pump. The advantage of this is that you can heat or cool your pool, depending on what the weather is like. It’s more affordable than gas heaters, and is corrosion-resistant. However, the operating costs are higher than mechanical evaporative coolers.

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