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Controlling Algae in your Cape Porpoise, ME Above Ground Pool

A small coastal village in Maine, Cape Porpoise was the original English settlement of the town of Kennebunkport and its deep natural harbor is protected by more than a dozen islands. The sea is part of the village’s history, and as such, many residents prefer to cool off during hot days by taking a swim.

But not everyone has the time nor inclination to cool off in salty water, which makes above ground pools a popular alternative. Besides being more affordable than inground pools, above ground pools are also more practical, efficient, and easier to maintain.

One of the more common problems of taking care of your above ground pool is controlling algae. Tiny plants that thrive in water and can grow in a short time, algae forms when there is enough sunshine and food. To control it, the secret is in its environment.

The three kinds of algae found in pool water are:

  • Green Algae – dusty green in color, this type floats in the water and on the sides of the pool.
  • Yellow Algae – mustard in color, these appear as yellow powder deposits on the shady sides of a pool
  • Black Algae – can appear blue-green in color, this type appears as an inch sized spot on the surface of the pool

To prevent the growth of algae, proper chlorination levels must be maintained in your pool. However, once algae forms despite proper chlorination, normal chlorine level may not control it. To get rid of it, the water must be treated with 30 PPM of Free Chlorine to kill the algae and eliminate the organic waste that’s left behind. Make sure your pump, filter and chlorinator works properly, then run the pump for 24 hours non-stop. Sweep thoroughly afterwards, and ensure that no one uses the pool until the water is clear and chemical levels are back to normal.

If you have an algae problem that you can’t control, call Ambassador pools to find out how to properly deal with it, or ask them to send in a professional pool cleaner to help out.

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